Strategic Relationship Speaker

The ability to establish beneficial strategic relationships affects every facet of an organization, from company-wide culture, to an individual’s career. In fact, your portfolio of relationships is your most valuable asset. Understanding how to quantify the value of those business relationships and prioritize them by that value is integral for your long-term success. As a strategic relationship speaker, David draws from his bestselling book, Relationship Economics®, along with his personal experiences to provide actionable steps that everyone can take to build, nurture, and improve their strategic relationships and grow their career.

Why David Nour?

David Nour is a recognized growth strategist, thought leader, and global keynote speaker. He is known for his expertise in strategic relationship management, having developed Relationship Economics®, the art and science of being intentional, strategic and effective in investing in business relationships.

“Start measuring your portfolio of relationships, because I would submit they are your biggest off balance sheet asset.” - David Nour

As CEO of The Nour Group consulting firm, David has worked with hundreds of companies including Disney, Cisco Systems, HP, and Hilton Worldwide to improve strategic relationship practices and provide innovative solutions to complex organizational problems. He delivers more than 60 global keynotes with a focus on Relationship Economics® and building strategic relationships.  David has addressed audiences at leading industry conferences, corporate meetings and academic forums, helping them to improve innovation and achieve business goals by fostering, growing, and prioritizing beneficial relationships.

Strategic Relationship Topics

  • Relationship Economics®. Relationship Economics® focuses on the quantifiable value of building business relationships. The process is covered front-to-back, including systems for identifying, building, nurturing and leveraging both personal and professional relationships. David draws from his own experience as a CEO, independent board director, and his life as a rags-to-riches Iranian immigrant.
  • This topic relates to applying lessons learned from emotional awareness, authenticity in communication, humor, and servant leadership. Understanding how emotions affect our relationships and decision-making processes can help us to make smarter, more reliable choices.
  • Enterprise Evangelism. The future of business will be driven by exceptional experiences for management, customers, clients, and employees alike. Today, the experiences that innovative companies deliver have already overtaken the status quo, and organizations that can effectively cater to the expectations of today’s consumers will put your organization ahead of the game.
  • Co-Create. Organizations and the people that make them what they are must learn to balance learning and instruction with performance and testing. Fostering collaboration within your organization will lead to innovation.

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