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What is it that gives companies like Airbnb, Lending Club, and City CarShare the edge in highly competitive industries? Simply this: Innovation in their sales models. Forward thinking companies that have embraced the rapidly changing economic scenery have disrupted entire industries and established themselves as true forces in some of the world’s most competitive markets - with a fraction of the budget of their older, less-adventurous competition.

Why David Nour?

If you want to inspire innovation and sculpt a company culture that is truly adaptive, David Nour is the perfect sales innovation speaker for your next event. David is an international keynote speaker, senior management advisor, and bestselling author. He has attracted more than 100 marquee strategic relationship consulting clients and delivers more than 60 global keynotes on business relationships, disruptive technologies, and adaptive innovation each year. 

His work has inspired audiences at leading industry conferences, corporate meetings, and academic forums, helping to refine business goals and facilitate sales innovation within large organizations.

Sales Innovation Topics

David Nour routinely covers topics related to organizational, sales, and marketing innovation, in a truly relatable way that drives actionable results.

Relationship Economics®. Relationship Economics® focuses on the quantifiable value of building business relationships. The process is covered front-to-back, including systems for identifying, building, nurturing and leveraging both personal and professional relationships

Adaptive Innovation. Adaptive innovation covers facilitating strategic relationships to drive a competitive advantage within your market. It’s about innovating, failing, and learning to create a better organization that maintains a sustainable advantage.

Disruptive Technologies and Innovation Centers. Creating a product that is truly disruptive within an existing market is the golden goose. It’s what has driven companies like Airbnb and Lending Club to the top of their industries. These peer-to-peer business models are empowered by real-time data, personalized products, and global distribution. Every company should aspire to push the boundaries of their own markets and find innovative ways to disrupt their industry, but they must first learn how to encourage innovation throughout their teams.

Co-Create. Executives and driven professionals are so bombarded by strategy, discussion, and noise that it can become difficult to discern great advice from poor advice, especially when it all seems to be delivered with authority. Organizations may place too much importance on learning, and not enough on performance evolution. Real evolution is driven by collaboration, and effective collaboration is driven by the building of strategic relationships, both inside and outside the organization.

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