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Why David Nour as a Keynote Speaker?


Hiring a keynote speaker for your next conference, event or retreat is a big decision that may affect how your audience feels about the event as a whole. Choosing the right speaker is integral for helping your vision for the event to come full circle and to instill the key concepts conveyed at the event.

Why David Nour?

David Nour is an international keynote speaker, senior management advisor and bestselling author. He has attracted more than 100 marquee strategic relationship consulting clients, helping each to drive growth in innovative ways. Every year, he delivers more than 60 global keynotes on business relationships, disruptive technologies, and adaptive innovation.  David has addressed audiences at leading industry conferences, corporate meetings and academic forums, helping them to see their business goals in a new light and find actionable solutions to achieve those goals.

David is known for having developed Relationship Economics®, the art and science of being intentional, strategic, and effective in managing and investing in business relationships. Although his foremost area of expertise is in strategic relationships, David has a wide array of topics that he often covers in his keynote speeches.

David’s Core Topics

David Nour’s keynote speeches focus on a core group of topics and strategies that he uses to guide his audience toward beneficial relationships and better career outcomes.

Relationship Economics ®. Our success in business and life is limited by our ability to create, nurture, and grow successful relationships. David believes that your portfolio of relationships is your most valuable off-balance sheet asset. The Relationship Economics® system focuses on securing and capitalizing on strategic relationships that help you achieve goals and reach new heights.

Return on Impact and Disruptive Technologies. Return on Impact is about more than the power of social media - it’s about empowering organizations to become better listeners, more innovative thinkers, and more agile decision makers. Return on Impact is about adapting to changing environments that put you at the forefront of your industry.

Adaptive Innovation. Adaptive innovation focuses on creating competitive advantages through a relationship-centric company culture that allows for failure and the important lessons it teaches. Adaptive innovation allows companies to create a sustainable competitive advantage within their market.

Knowing that you must prioritize strategic relationships is only half the battle. Emotional awareness and personal authenticity are critical for success in Relationship Economics®. Learn the differences between influence and persuasion, how to convey honesty and authenticity, and recognize the impact of emotions when making decisions.

#NewNorm. The world is changing fast. The #NewNorm requires that you elevate yourself above the market noise, using specific strategies for getting the attention of the right individuals, influencing their thinking, and calling them to action. Eight core strategies make up David’s theory of the #NewNorm, including workable real-life strategies that produce results.

Enterprise Evangelism. The future of business will be driven by exceptional experiences for everyone: customers, patients, clients, and employees. Meeting the status quo is no longer enough, because the expectations of the high-value customers your organization hopes to persuade have risen with new technologies and processes.

Sharing Economy: Innovation Centers. What gives businesses like Airbnb, Uber, and Lending Club the leading edge within their competitive industries? These are just a few of the examples of disruptive innovation in peer-to-peer business models that are driven by a highly personalized distribution network. Understand how your own business can harness and utilize that innovation within your own industry.

Co-Create. In today’s business world, we are so bombarded with management, leadership, and marketing strategy that it can be overwhelming, and great advice can be overlooked. Successful organizations cut through the noise and find the balance between learning and performance evolution – an evolution that comes through collaboration and the building of strategic relationships, both inside and outside the organization.

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