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The world today is in a constant state of change. With rapidly evolving competition, it’s important that your organization’s leadership is forward thinking, adaptive, and open-minded enough to seize opportunities and push successfully into the future. Being able to adapt with agility, encourage innovation throughout all levels of your executive leadership, and foster true collaboration between your employees and partners is a difficult task, but one that could change your company forever.

Why David Nour?

David Nour is known for delivering innovative and inspiring speeches that empower executives and leaders at all levels of experience. For more than 25 years, David has worked to lead organizations toward quantifying the ways that relationships drive all aspects of their business. Those same principles affect all levels of leadership, from middle-management to top level executives. David is recognized as the architect of Relationship Economics®, the art and science of being intentional, strategic and effective in managing and investing in business relationships.

His record speaks for itself through successful engagements with executives at companies like HP, Disney, Siemens, Microsoft, IBM and Cisco Systems. As CEO of The Nour Group consulting firm, he delivers 50 or more speeches per year; he also holds board director positions in two privately-held, venture backed tech companies, where he has helped to plan and facilitate senior leadership retreats focused on critical strategic priorities.

Executive Leadership Topics

Relationship Economics®. Relationship Economics® focuses on the quantifiable value of building business relationships. The process is covered front-to-back, including systems for identifying, building, nurturing and leveraging both personal and professional relationships. The concept is based on David’s bestselling book, Relationship Economics®.

Return on Impact and Disruptive Technologies. Return on Impact is about empowering organizations to become better communicators on every front to improve adaptability. David presents insights into learning when and how to respond to changing market dynamics, to reinvent your organization, and to relate to customers in innovative ways. Prioritizing strategic relationships is important, but developing emotional awareness and personal authenticity are critical for success in building relationships. Learn to understand the power of influence and persuasion, convey authenticity, and build real, valuable relationships within your industry and life.

Sharing Economy: Innovation Centers. Harnessing disruptive technologies, true collaboration, and worldwide distribution have allowed small startups to seize large market shares in competitive industries. Peer-to-peer business models have changed the executive outlook and placed a stronger importance on innovation and open mindedness. Understand how your organization can harness and utilize the sharing economy and innovation centers.

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