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Planning on hiring a keynote speaker for an upcoming business conference, event, or summit? Don’t underestimate the critical role that the keynote speech will play in the success of your event. A great keynote draws upon the events, topics, and purpose of the event, tying them together in a way that drives home key concepts and instills motivation.

Finding a keynote speaker that delights your audience, motivates them to think about their goals in new ways, and brings your event full circle can mean the difference between an average business retreat and a memorable, meaningful experience. Hire a keynote speaker that connects your business goals with real-world outcomes, and offers solutions for how to get there.

Establish Clear Purpose and Vision for the Event

Delivering a truly inspiring event begins in the planning phase. First, outline a clear purpose and vision. What topics need to be covered throughout? What do you want each member of your audience to take home with them when they leave? Once these concepts are nailed down, it will be much easier to source a keynote speaker who will best complement your strategy.

Hire a Keynote Speaker that Connects with Your Audience

Know your audience - the keynote speaker that you hire should be dependent upon them. A keynote for executives will differ from one delivered to marketing professionals. Know the location and crowd-size, and find a speaker that caters to those environments. Know when the keynote speech will be delivered. An early-morning keynote should be energizing, while an after-dinner speech should contain more humorous elements.

Keynote Speakers Must Connect Business Goals with Real-World Initiatives

All companies have goals. In many cases, the goals at the forefront of one company are similar to those of their competitors. Every organization wants to be more innovative, strategic, and forward thinking. The deciding factor in whether or not those goals are achieved comes from the nuts and bolts of your initiatives, not the creative label that you use to describe the goal.

For your next event, start by defining the goals and concepts that you want driven home in all phases of the event. The keynote speaker that you choose should specialize directly in the concepts that your event explores, and be able to connect the dots between your business goals with real-world initiatives that drive results.

Why David Nour?

David Nour has spent more than 25 years advising some of the world’s largest organizations on building truly beneficial business relationships. He’s worked with clients like KPMG, Disney, Siemens, Amerinet, and more than 100 other organizations to deliver returns through the building, nurturing, and prioritization of strategic relationships. David is known for having developed Relationship Economics®, an approach that focuses on the art and science of being intentional, strategic, and effective in managing and investing in business relationships.

“Start measuring your portfolio of relationships, because I would submit they are your biggest off balance sheet asset.” - David Nour

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